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Ergoline PRESTIGE 1100 


The Ergoline Prestige 1100 is a Level 4 "Platinum Plus" unit.  Its a state of the art feature rich bed that utilizes 58/200 watt Turbo lamps,  2/250 watt shoulder tanning lamps,  4/500 watt facial lamps as well as 3 additional UVB facials. It also includes aqua mista, onboard air conditioning, and voice automation. 

*Level 4 "Platinum Plus" members  have all inclusive access to any of our UV tanning units.*                                     

                              (10 minute max exposure)

Ergoline Excellence 850

At Tan Your Hide we feature the latest in cutting edge Tanning technology from Sun Ergoline. The Ergoline Excellence 850 is one of our Level 4 "Platinum plus" beds that uses 20/520 watt High Pressure lamps in the canopy, 20/160w lamps in the bench, 4 520 Watt facial lamps, shoulder tanners, neck tanners, on board air conditioning, voice automation, and an elegant ergonomically designed chassis.   

 *Level 4 "Platinum Plus" members have all inclusive access to any of our UV tanning units*                                 

                   (12 minute max exposure)

Ergoline Excellence 800


The Ergoline Excellence 800 is a Level 4 "Platinum plus" bed.  It offers the same design and features as the Excellence 850, but does not use high pressure lamps in the canopy, for those that prefer a gentler, dark tanning experience.

 *Level 4 "Platinum Plus" members have all inclusive access to any of our UV tanning units.*

             (12 minute max exposure)


           Tan America Sunup

The Tan America Sunup is a stand up tanning unit that is part of our Level 3 "Platinum" membership.  It uses 48/160 watt lamps with a UVA/UVB mix that really helps our members achieve deeper color and break thru their tanning plateau. We have two of these units for our Level 3 "Platinum" and Level 4 "Platinum Plus" members.



*Level 3 "Platinum" members also have access to our Level 1 "Silver"or Level 2 "Gold" beds.*


                  (12 min max exposure)

  Ergoline Evolution 500

The Evolution 500 is our level 2 "Gold" membership bed.  It utilizes 43/160 watt full spectrum RED LIGHT/UV hybrid lamps and 3/500 watt facial lamps. Its feature rich platform and ergonomically designed acrylic make it a level 3 or level 4 bed in many salons. We have 4 of these awesome beds for our Level 2 "Gold" members. 


 *Level 2 "Gold" members also have access to our Level 1 "Silver" beds.* 


                         (12 min max exposure)



    Ergoline Ambition 300

The Ergoline Ambition 300 is our Level 1 "Silver" membership bed and features 32/120 watt lamps, 3/400 watt facial lamps, and a high power body fan. We have 3 of these units to accommodate our "Silver" level members. 

*All "Gold,Platinum, or Platinum Plus" members also have access to our Level 1 "Silver" beds.*

              (15 min max exposure)

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